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Web Design

Web Design Services

A professionally designed and hosted website can do a lot for your business. Unfortunately, a very cheap website can get a lot of customers clicking the 'back button' and looking elswhere. To convert potential site visitors into customers a website, we think, needs to be well enough designed compared to its nearest rivals to inspire potential customers with enough confidence to give you a chance. Once they get in contact the rest is up to you.

We don't feel a professional website needs to cost the offer and tend to work on projects between £500 and £2000.

Our Method

  • We are always transparent about any new costs which are needed to fulfill your project.
  • We keep in very regular contact throughout the creation of your website.
  • We don't use jargon. Never.
  • We keep up to date with cutting edge web design trends.
  • If for any reason you project cost changes, we stop and get your go-ahead at the new rate.

Our Packages

Clients are not locked into our packages in any way and can
pick and chose exactly the right features for their business website.

Basic Plus

  • .co.uk Domain Name Registered for one year
  • Professional Design
  • Up to 7 Web Pages
  • 1 year web hosting
  • up to 5 email addresses
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation

The Recession

  • .co.uk Domain Name Registered for one year
  • Professional Design
  • Up to 15 Web Pages
  • 1 year web hosting
  • Mobile ready
  • up to 5 email addresses
  • image slider on home page
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation


  • .co.uk Domain Name Registered for one year
  • Professional Design
  • Up to 30 Web Pages
  • 1 year web hosting
  • Mobile ready
  • Up to 20 email addresses
  • Image slider on home page
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimisation

To enquire about our web design packages please see our contact page now.

Mobile web design

Web Design for Mobile Devices

We can help if you need your website to work on mobile devices like the iphone. We have developed a number of websites which work on the 4 different device types. These are:

  • mobile
  • tablet
  • laptop
  • desktop

As you probably know more and more of your potential business customers are using mobile devices and tablets to access the internet. Some steps must be taken to ensure they get a decent experience when looking at your website on these handheld devices and that they can be converted from prospects into customers.

At progress, if the project needs to cater for a mobile browsing public, we use industry standard tools to ensure that we can create one website which adapts and responds to the size of the device used by the customer. Rather than creating 2 websites, one for mobile and one for desktop - we create one website which adapts to all screen sizes.

Our contact page has details on to get in touch with the team.

Web Hosting

We provide web hosting with all website design projects. Our clients' website are all hosted on secure state of the art cloud hosting. Daily backups of our clients' websites are taken to ensure peace of mind. We also guarantee 99.9% uptime for all web sites.

Customer Feedback

As part of our web design service we often create a number of logos for new customers. This allows you to choose which one you feel best represents your business. We often do the same with design for the home page to esnure you are entirely happy with the finished product.


We're often asked to set up and configure email addresses for clients. We can create as many as needed and would normally recommend creating enquiries@yourwebsite.com and yourname@yourwebsite.com for starters. In addition, we can configure these to pass email to any existing accounts too.

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